Prof. Falk Schreiber
University of Konstanz, Germany

Professor Falk Schreiber holds the chair for Life Science Informatics at the University of Konstanz, Germany. He is a computer scientist who has worked in bioinformatics and computational systems biology since more than 20 years at different places in Australia and Germany. His research focuses on analysing structure and dynamics of biological networks and systems, modelling of biological processes (in particular metabolism), as well as interactive visualisation and immersive analytics of life science data. He and his team develop novel computational techniques and algorithms, and work in close collaboration with scientists from the life sciences covering a broad range from molecular biology to collective animal behaviour. Falk Schreiber holds an Adjunct Position with Monash’s Faculty of IT.

Speech Title :"Immersive Analytics-Methodology and Applications in the Life Sciences"

Abstract: Immersive Analytics is a research field that investigates methods and technologies which allow a user to get immersed in the data and perform activities in a feeling of focus, involvement and enjoyment. The goal is to remove barriers between people, their data and the used tools. Immersive Analytics supports data understanding and decision making for individual users as well as for groups of people working collaboratively, in collocated and distributed settings. It builds on technologies such as touch surfaces, immersive virtual and augmented reality and tracking devices, and joins ideas and methods from research fields such as human computer interaction, visualisation, data mining, and visual analytics. In this talk I will give an introduction in the research field of Immersive Analytics, look at ways to work with data in immersive environments, and present examples of Immersive Analytics applications for exploring and analysing data in the Life Sciences. These applications will cover a broad range of research questions as well as different technologies.



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